Jun 28, 2017


    China Chang Jiang Energy Corp.(Group) registered with National Administrative Bureau of Idustry & Commerce , which is authorized by managerial department of government capital to operate capital to operate capital of the group and enjoy independent overseas trade roght.CCJEC is a sole enterprise of producing both the steam turbo-generator sets and water turbo-generator sets in China. It has the asset of 24 hundred million RMB, it is one of 512 major enterprises of the state, one of 500 best economic benefit enterprises of the state.CCJEC pays special attention to science progress and market development, which can design and produce various kinds of co-generation steam turbo-generator sets under 200MW(including 200MW) and various kinds of water turbo-generator sets under 200MW(including 200MW). CCJEC has produced over 700 thermal power sets and over 200 hydraulic powers sets, and has annual over 2000 power equipment production capacity, annual gross value of industrial output was over 1000 million. The coverage of co-generation steam turbo-generator sets, which designed by CCJEC is over 65% in China. CCJEC has designed and produced successfully the first national 125MW air inner cooled generator and 125MW power extraction steam turbine with complete three-dimensional technology, which have been put into operation, thire series products have been designed and produced. In 1999, the co-generat sets, which adopts complete three-dimensional technology have been certificated as the key new-style products of China.CCJEC attaches importance to importing the advenced foreign technology, to produce 200MW water turbine with Japanese Toshiba Company, which improves the waterpower prodction capacity of CCJEC.

  CCJEC has more 1033 technicians specialize in power mechanism, mechinery & electron, power station project, which accout for 8.6% on all of personal. We has 1754 managerial personals, which accout for 14.6% of all personal; 18 national export and subject leader .36 people have has master degree.

  Wuhan Steam & Turbine & Generator Plant. Established in 1958, the backbone enterprise of CCJEC. is one of factories manufcturing co-generation steam turbo-generator sets,and which was reformed as Wuhan Three-dimensional Steam Turbine & Generator Co. Ltd. under

  Standard Decision of Limited Liability Company of National Restructuring the Economy Committee.CCJEC attaches importance to improving inner managerment, In 1997, CCJEC obtained the certificates of ISO 9001 registration issued by China Vouching Technical Inspection Ltd., American FMRC and Holland RVA, and obtained the certificate of the national special-class safety enterprise. CCJEC won the "National May Day Labor Certifcate of Merit" in 1998 , the high and new technical enterprises confirmed by Hubei Province in 2000, the model msnsgerment enterprises of Wuhan City, and be certified as AAA company on credit degree every year.

  CCJEC has firstly created the modes of building the power station in turnkey way (including survey, design, manufacture, civil works, erection, commissioning and operation), operation the power station by joint venture and cooperation, it has obtsined good economic benefit and social benefit. Wuhan Energy engineering Co. Ltd., the full capital (contralling stock) of CCJEC is the specilized company to undertake those business.

  To develop hydro-power products, CCJEC and Hongkong Jiangyuan Co. Ltd. (International) established joint concern named as "Wuhan Changyuan Hydro-turbine generator manufacturing Co. Ltd.

   CCJEC , located in the throughfare Wuhan City, the plant lies in the central part of "China Light valley" and closed to Huazhong Univercity of Science and Technology resources, it has superior external investment.


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